Monday, 30 May 2016


W.a.l.t: we are learning to put fractions in order using a number .
This is the task we got given

here are the answers .

feedback:I think you did good on your work but try not to rub it out while you are doing it because i can not see it.
feedfoward: i think you need to make your words more clear so i can see. memphis

I think I get a green target 
i think you get an orange target . memphis

draw a ruler

We had to try and draw a ruler this is my ruler

feedback:you did really good your ruler  
feedfoward: I think you need to add more numbers because there is lots of space . memphis 

i think you should get a orange target memphis .

I think I get a orange target because it is a bit messy . 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Science questions

These are some questions I want to answer so I get more knowledge about the space. 
I think I get a orange target I am almost  there . 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Science about the moon earth and sun

This is sam and I's science video  about the moon earth and sun .We had to ecsplain how space works .

I think I get a orange target .

feedback: speak a bit more clearer
feedfoward: i like how you had seprate information for the sun,moon and earth - Riley
i think you get a green target .

This is my assment 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

The whispering moon retell

W.a.l.t : retell a story about the moon . 

Despcrition  : we got handed a book after we read the book we had a task and that task is to retell the story . 
Feedback :great job Kate I love it! U should have a green target.
Feed forward: nothing really lol dr . Nutella cat .

This is my Plan . 

On top of a hill in the country there lived maraea and her older brother maki and of course their parents. Maraea is seven and maki is eleven . Their mum was pregnant, so maraea and maki had to go out to the spooky ,dark, terrifieing ,creepy night , and run to their uncles house to get his car so they can get to hospital . Maraea was scared of the moon because what happened to Rona . But they ran as fast as  they could zooming down the the hill like lightning  , through big bushy trees blowing in the the dark windy night , round a dreadful grave yard , past a church as they were passing the church tawhirmatea (God of the winds)was whipping up the big fat poffy clouds . Suddenly maraea heard a whisper from the trees but she hesitated . She knew that she needed to get to uncles house  because Maraea and maki came all  this way and they need the car for mum. Kate 

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

My Pepeha

Ko Ruahine me Tararua nga Maunga 

Ko manawatu Te awa 

Ko kurahapo te waka

Ko rangatane te iwi

Ko Russell st Te kura 

Ko Karen toku Kuia Ko gym toku Koro 

Ko Lyn toku Kuia Ko John toku Koro 

Ko Vicky toku mama Ko Jason toku papa 

Ko Jaiden toku tugane Ko Emily toku teina 
Ko Kate au 
Tena kototo tena koto tena kototo  katua