Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Two stars and an wish

This is my two stars and a wish 

I think I get an orange target 

Feedback good kit kat, I like the cake give me a piece 

Disney land add

This is my add about disney land . Our class had to make an add about there favorite place/thing.
This is my plan 
Feedback you did good with clear photos
Feedforward you could have a longer descriptions .
i think i get a green target .
W.a.l.t : to make an advertisement .,

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Reading task

We had a task and we got to pick out of a few options and Peara and I picked to make an invention of something in the book but make it different its your ivention . This only the plan . 
W.a.l.t be creative by making a invention. 
Feedback good job 
Feedforward I think the photo can Be bigger 

This is me wereing the super spy glasses 

#Funny photo

I think I get a orange target. 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Two stars and a wish

W.A.L.T : writing two stars and a wish 

This is my two stars and a wish . The two stars are what you think you have done well and the wish is what you can improve. 
This is two stars and a wish. 

I think I get a yellow target ( I am almost there ) 

Feedback :great job Kate I like the word convinced.i think you should have a green target .mikaela
Feedforward :great job but next time make sure it all makes sense .mikaela

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Family Trees

This is my family tree!!!
by Kate .

w.a.l.t : learning our Whakapapa 

We had a task to make a family tree , but you didn't  have to do a tree you could do whatever. Its your  creation. I did a family tree.You had to find information from your family to find out there parents, parents, parents and how  much your parents , grandparents, uncles and Aunties even cousins know .
This is my family tree !!!

I think  I did well because my family tree has heaps of detail because the  big name tags are creative , but i could of made the tree smaller.

Next time I could  add more pictures to make it more detailed .