Wednesday, 23 March 2016

El rancho camp 2016 persuade writing

El rancho camp 2016 !! by Kate. 

On week 6 the year 5 & 6 went to El rancho camp  in Waikanae   and the year  4 3 2 &1 had camp week. Each day we had three activities except for Friday and Monday where we only did two activities .

El rancho is an amazing place for a vacation and making yourself at home especially camping. This amazing place provides basically everything. There are several activities you get to do.You also  get a lovely welcome and farewell by the lovely staff by the time you arrive and leave. Many people disagree.

 There is a horse activity and I know what you are probably thinking that horses can be a dangerous activity, but there is safety gear  like helmets just in case.The instructors walk the horses around the track so you won't fall off. Plus the horses are trained also there is a safety gate so you can be safe .

Secondly rifles can be dangerous but there are instructors like every other activity. There is an instructor or a parent , also at rifles and archery there is a safety line . Anyway back to rifles there are guns at rifles but you won't be able to shoot anyone or anything except the target plus there are safety glass's and obviously an adult will be there to help . There is a safety switch on the guns so you won't hurt yourself or anyone or even anything . 

Now there are lots of things that can happen at the kayaking. Someone could get hit with a petal or flipped over. They may even hit their head on another kayak but there is a parent and two instructors and also the water looks dirty but no creature lives in the kayak river plus there are life jackets . 

Finally, archery can be dangerous with bows and arrows but like I said before archery has a safety line and there is only three people shooting the target at once. 

I Obviously agree that El rancho is a nice safe and friendly place to stay . I know I am taking my family there , there is safety gear at every activity. 

I think I  got a green target because I had juicy words and explained  it well .
feedback: you need to practice your spelling. 
feedforward: I think you do really well with your juicy words and clear photos .
I think you get a green target. Grace

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

geometry passport

w.a.l.t : position and orientation

This is my geometry passport and we did the Geometry passport for three weeks.

First of all my math group read hansel and Gretel. After that we got a piece of paper with squares on it and started to draw a map from hansel and Gretel's house all the way through the forest  to the witches house and on the back we drew  directions like go five squares north like that. Heres mine.

After we made a hansel and Gretel map , madison ( our student teacher) gave us the sheet just over there on the left side,  there were instructions on the side so Tui and i highlighted the path to the treasure .we started  the adventure at the blue lagoon and we found the treasure ,it was at the lightning tree by lake lucky.

                  friendship island 
     Tui and I made friendship island together a finally we thought of the name friend so we thought friendship  would be friendtasic. Tui and I worked on this for about 1 and a half weeks . Friendship Island has a key with symbols. 

Evaluation: i think i got a ornge target ( almost perfect) .
feedback: good job kit Kate, your sincerely Marion
the main thing is that we learnt in math was north, east, south, west, also north east, north west, south west, south east .

Thursday, 17 March 2016

El rancho camp 2016

W.a.l.t : build positive relationships 

On week 6 the year 5 & 6 went to El rancho in wikane and the year  4 3 2 &1 had camp week where they camped at school . Each day we had three activities except for Friday where we only did two activities . We were provided every meal of the day . 

I think I did I well at having good night sleeps . 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Mythical Beasts by kate and peara

w.a.l.t identify the main idea

The mythical beast task is to explain information about the  mythical beast  

i think i did well at making the viedo scary

The Maori legend okatia

W.a.l.t : rewrite the okatia writing in your own words . 


                                                                                                             braydon and kate begining 
                                                                                                jayden and logan middle
Riley and peara end

Muscular, mighty, 
Restless, Powerful, firm 

Magic nature ranges fixed
Curious,Trapped, Adventurous,full of discovery
Logan and Jayden gold middle Ideas for ending
Bruised and batted 
Riley and peara blue end
Bunches of branches
Snapping off
Tired - exh He knew his journey was almost over.
He is calving the river
Water is gushing behind him nibbling on his broken root 

                                many years ago according to a Maori legend there was a spirit called Okātia,who lived in a Totara tree in the Puketoi ranges. Okātia was the biggest most muscular tree in the world. Okātia thought he was the best and no one was more gigantic than him. Suddenly Okātia’s friend told him about Moana and how it's 20 times the size of him... he was so jealous. Flames were ERUPTING out of his head, the wheels that kept his head running were spinning.  He wanted to see Moana for himself. Many minutes later 

Okātia ripped his roots out of the ground enraged.“Oh there's one” said Okātia,“oh there's another one. Okātia tried to walk but he just fell over on his front and started rolling. As he raged through the forest he makes Tāne furious, no one has ever done this much damage in years. The forest broke and stretched as the mighty Okatia crashed through and made Tāne angrier and angrier because he is the protector/God of the forest. But Tāne is too hurt to fix it. As he rolls powerfully he comes across a colossal stone wall. But the sea is practically calling him. So he takes one big hit at the wall, nothing happens except break his branch. So he hit it with his damaged branch a few more times till there's a crack. He is furious and he wants to get to Moana as fast as he can, so he bashes the crack till it bursts.

Bruised and battered, tired and numb, bunches  of branches crackling as it starts to burst. He knew his journey was almost over as he heard the crashing waves getting closer and closer,  making it easier for him to calve his way towards Moana. Water is gushing behind him, nibbling on his broken roots. The wounds and cuts on his trunk made it harder for him to move. Suddenly, he stood still to catch his breath. WHOOOSH! A wave crashed right over him while he was resting. Soon he was in the water rolling, tumbling, over and under rocks until he witnessed the gigantic, colossal, Moana. He picked himself up and glanced at the beauty of Moana. All at once he dropped himself carefully on the surface of Moana and drifted away allowing tangaroa to drift him far away.

We got into partners and one pair would do the begging ( Me and braydon begging ) one pair would do the middle ( Jayden and logon middle ) and another would do the end ( Peara and Riley end ) 

I think I did well at adding juicy word 

Next time I could add more 

Feedback and feed forward 

Feedback: I think you did a good job. 

Problem solving

Is is problem solving a tsk we have to do at least on e a week 

I think I did well at working problem 3 
Next time I think I could be faster

Eat your cheese ginny giles main idea

W.a.l.t : identify the main idea 

We are learning to identify the main idea . We got given a book ( ginny giles ) and we had to read each chapter and write the main idea of each chapter . 

I think I did well at exsplaining what the main idea is 

I think I need to work on reading more chapter's