Thursday, 3 November 2016

Chance activity

In maths my group and I were learning about statistics.We had to get in pairs my buddie was Fyfe .
The activity was that we would have a  question.our question : we have 12 yellow gummy bears and 15 blue gummy bears what is the chance of getting a yellow gummy bear.
-no chance
-bad chance
-good chance
-even chance 
Who ever you were asking had to say what chance they thought was correct
The answer is bad chance because 12 is lower than 15 . It would not be no chance because you might get yellow but it is a better chance to get blue than yellow. 

Here is our tally mark 

Here is my bar (no chance ) bc ( bad chance)
Gc ( good chance ) ec ( even chance) c ( certain)
Feedback: the description is great keep up the good work.
Feed forward: your work is very tidy you don't have to change any thing. Riley.

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