Thursday, 10 December 2015

Minecraft modern learning environment

This is our minecraft school as a modern learning environment.

Day in a life of a arcade character

Hello there I am Lola the character from drop cover blank . How do you think I feel everyday doing the same thing over and over . Also I get controlled by heaps of different people instead of what you do everyday something new . Also you get to go to school I don’t.  I have to sit here and do what people say all the time so annoying right . Sorry we started on the wrong foot let's start over hi I am Lola and I am a character from drop cover blank . What's your name … Come on don’t be shy what is your name okay then I guess you don’t like telling people you personal details. Anyway I love to bounce on the trampoline but I can’t do that any more because I got sucked into this machine ,the  good thing is I am like 100 years old but I stay looking like a child . 

That's basically the only good thing about this job. Anyway the only customer that comes in on Thursdays is Kate and it's Thursday so I better get ready . Bounce bounce as I jump on the redo button and I zoom to the start . Buzz !!! Yay Kate's here , dam it she went to drop cover run .
 Come on come to my game already 20 minutes later… Seriously come on yes yes no she had to leave . Ash you scared me guess what my Thursday favorite customer just left without playing my game annoying right . I think it's getting a little late I think I will go to bed now goodnight … ( yawn ) morning oh no I am late it is 9:00 am damn it I have an out of order sigh on my game ! What should i do ?

 Light bulb ( I have an Idea ) every break  scarlet ( the arcade owner ) has she checks every game to see if they are working right so I better jump on the reset button bounce bounce I get swinged  back to the start and wait for scarlet ... Finally scarlet is playing my game yippee she took the out of order sigh off . Well I better have some lunch. 
Crunch crunch as I crunch on my brick with toothpaste and lettuces on top I finally realise that people are coming in its past my lunch break . Yay guru is play my game but it tickles hahahhahahahhaa sorry it just really tickles . Hello ah I shout who are you and you scared  me . I am sugur pop for candy lands game , well you should'nt be here . I know but I came to destroy your horrible game , this is not a horrible game

  " yes it is " no it's not 
"Well let's start by  pulling the plug " no not the plug . I will pull it in 3 , oh no she can't pull the plug this is the must terrifieing moment ever I will lose my last life I can't get out of the machine 2 oh no she is nearly up to 1 aaa mulfuction . " hahaha I pulled the plug now my game will be poplar. Now I disappear.

Next time I could have more paragraphs 
I like the way I had lots of different characters 

Video game review.

In class we were focusing on our own arcade game , Ruby organised all the class's to come over to room 6 and play everyone's game's .


Topic ( of the game's ) :earthquake 

 Arcade days ( the days we shared our games ) : Thursday afternoon and Friday morning 

App ( what app you use to make the game ) : scratch Jr. 

Device : iPad 

Here are my instructions for my game . 

Next time : I think I will add more detail