Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Buliding inquiry

We achieved cutting all the wood for the foot stool . We learnt that I out have to put all your weight onto the  piece of wood when sawing . Our goal for next week is to nail the foot stool together . 

Sunday, 1 November 2015

being chased by kate

Being chased 

Have you ever been so scared in your childhood to answer for you i have. I went out to have a little fun outdoors for a while but then i  realized  a black  shinny car parked outside my house . Nobody is around me and the man in the car starts smiling with a grin . his laugh sounds like a hyena i start walking then he follows me i  go faster so dose he i start running .i'm hungry GURGLE ah   i shout oh its just my tummy gurgling. i feel like this person will not stop into midnight and midnight is ages away and he will probably come back in the morning. its 2.00 now i have been running for 4 hours i start running faster  and faster

 'slow down now ' he ordered . I have to go home i say inside my head what if he follows me all week all year all my life. I am shivering my hands are num . It's  getting late and he is still following  my mum will be panicking so much the roof will fall off I need to get home now it's nearly pass my bedtime . I am still running I am going pass Freiburg pool already .I feel dead, wait a minute I turned around I saw the man was asleep I ran then he grabbed me and he announced I can't believe you fall for that . ah  I scream I realize that on his watch it is 10.00 that is when my mum dose a walk around here oh look here she is " hi sweat heart were have you been  and who is your friends he is not my friend I say

 . He has been following me in his little black car all day long I feel dead I can't breath my mouth is dry all because of him why did you do this to me . Speak hello speak now . I turn around and see him running away mum chase after him I feel like I have no legs . Thanks mum . Suddenly mum caught him and came back to me and said excuse me what ever your name is its not okay to chase little girls  especially at  this age you should be acting your age from now on okay now shoe  . Now Kate we have been worried sick come along with me now and let's go home and tuck you in. It all turned out fine my parents wouldn't Let me out of there arm's well it's better then nothing.I am so l
ucky i have so caring parents .Now  i know  if there is a stranger outside come straight in.well I guess I should  get to bed and be ready for a day of kindergarden tomorrow . sweet dreams !