Monday, 21 September 2015


I have learned from my mistakes and found out that the answers is 28 !!!!
Anyway in maths with Nic  we have been learning about. 
( division ) 

we have been learning all about division with my teacher Nic and room 7 / circus would mix up and have math class with us . For an example of what have been learning 
52 . 3 . 

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Keep New Zealand clean / zero waste

I have done this with a good friend Jayde . Hope you enjoy also here is some posters .

do the right thing 

tissues( not the right thing) cloth
tissues are a waste they go into a landfill and reck nz keep nz beautiful 

nappy ( not the right thing ) 

nappy go into a landfill and reck nz keep nz beautiful use a cloth nappy . cloth nappy  

used paper ( not the right thing ) 

you use some paper then chuck in bin that is wasteing use a laptop ipad iphone whatever 

don't waste !!!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Nic where are you ? 😳

Good morning ! I am so ready for a oradinary day or school . Brushed teeth check , dressed check , bag packed check ready for school , on my way to school nic my teacher was not on road pitroll which is quit odd because it is the day he dose it . anyway it must be a strange day and he didn't feel like it . moving on appeared in class nic was not here maybe he sleeped in . 2 hours later i am shivering nic has not came and every other teacher is here ,i quess  should go next door and learn with room 7 . while reading my favoirite funny book just stupid with room 7 teacher joy somthing strange flew thourgh  the sky it looked like a male human wearing a superman cape . Oh no the buliding went on fire . Ruby has a burnt face and she is struggling to find the exit. Wow that strange thing that flew through the sky earlier came saved ruby from death . I could not tell who he was because he had a mask on . Before Ruby could say thank you he flew of . Suddenly the table was shaking and so was the chairs it's a earthquake shouts the class watch out jayde I say crack !!!! Jayde has disappeared down the hole but again the strange hero pulle out his aquitment he pulled it a rope and handed it to 
jayde, jayde climbed out and the heroes mask fell of it was NIC !!! Nic is our hero ecspesilly my hero he saved my freinds . Ecsuse me one question are you super man ? Yes he replied Ruby and jayde said thanks 

The end Kate . 

toku tinana

in class with lynley we made some toku tinana art and it was amazing.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Keep nz clean

Adding to zero waste There is a secret promise to keep no clean by not putting rubbish in the land fill ( white bin ) 


In maths with Nic this week and last week we have been learning/focusing on division and I am starting to do division more in my math . Next week we will swop with joy and Different math . This is my division group . 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Kate's wearable arts journey

If you like dancing come along 
We have worked really hard on this and we have made this slide to share it with the world our costume ideas and everything. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015


in reading inquiry Probably the post above or down low there is a slide and that is  my reading inquiry 
anyway back to what i have done focusing on my research from my reading inquiry. i have made a news report with some great  class members emma , halle and charlotte p but as you see above there is a butterfly video this is what i have worked on after the news some have a look your self. 

need to work on : camera angels 

what i have inproved : entertaining  music