Thursday, 10 December 2015

Minecraft modern learning environment

This is our minecraft school as a modern learning environment.

Day in a life of a arcade character

Hello there I am Lola the character from drop cover blank . How do you think I feel everyday doing the same thing over and over . Also I get controlled by heaps of different people instead of what you do everyday something new . Also you get to go to school I don’t.  I have to sit here and do what people say all the time so annoying right . Sorry we started on the wrong foot let's start over hi I am Lola and I am a character from drop cover blank . What's your name … Come on don’t be shy what is your name okay then I guess you don’t like telling people you personal details. Anyway I love to bounce on the trampoline but I can’t do that any more because I got sucked into this machine ,the  good thing is I am like 100 years old but I stay looking like a child . 

That's basically the only good thing about this job. Anyway the only customer that comes in on Thursdays is Kate and it's Thursday so I better get ready . Bounce bounce as I jump on the redo button and I zoom to the start . Buzz !!! Yay Kate's here , dam it she went to drop cover run .
 Come on come to my game already 20 minutes later… Seriously come on yes yes no she had to leave . Ash you scared me guess what my Thursday favorite customer just left without playing my game annoying right . I think it's getting a little late I think I will go to bed now goodnight … ( yawn ) morning oh no I am late it is 9:00 am damn it I have an out of order sigh on my game ! What should i do ?

 Light bulb ( I have an Idea ) every break  scarlet ( the arcade owner ) has she checks every game to see if they are working right so I better jump on the reset button bounce bounce I get swinged  back to the start and wait for scarlet ... Finally scarlet is playing my game yippee she took the out of order sigh off . Well I better have some lunch. 
Crunch crunch as I crunch on my brick with toothpaste and lettuces on top I finally realise that people are coming in its past my lunch break . Yay guru is play my game but it tickles hahahhahahahhaa sorry it just really tickles . Hello ah I shout who are you and you scared  me . I am sugur pop for candy lands game , well you should'nt be here . I know but I came to destroy your horrible game , this is not a horrible game

  " yes it is " no it's not 
"Well let's start by  pulling the plug " no not the plug . I will pull it in 3 , oh no she can't pull the plug this is the must terrifieing moment ever I will lose my last life I can't get out of the machine 2 oh no she is nearly up to 1 aaa mulfuction . " hahaha I pulled the plug now my game will be poplar. Now I disappear.

Next time I could have more paragraphs 
I like the way I had lots of different characters 

Video game review.

In class we were focusing on our own arcade game , Ruby organised all the class's to come over to room 6 and play everyone's game's .


Topic ( of the game's ) :earthquake 

 Arcade days ( the days we shared our games ) : Thursday afternoon and Friday morning 

App ( what app you use to make the game ) : scratch Jr. 

Device : iPad 

Here are my instructions for my game . 

Next time : I think I will add more detail 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Buliding inquiry

We achieved cutting all the wood for the foot stool . We learnt that I out have to put all your weight onto the  piece of wood when sawing . Our goal for next week is to nail the foot stool together . 

Sunday, 1 November 2015

being chased by kate

Being chased 

Have you ever been so scared in your childhood to answer for you i have. I went out to have a little fun outdoors for a while but then i  realized  a black  shinny car parked outside my house . Nobody is around me and the man in the car starts smiling with a grin . his laugh sounds like a hyena i start walking then he follows me i  go faster so dose he i start running .i'm hungry GURGLE ah   i shout oh its just my tummy gurgling. i feel like this person will not stop into midnight and midnight is ages away and he will probably come back in the morning. its 2.00 now i have been running for 4 hours i start running faster  and faster

 'slow down now ' he ordered . I have to go home i say inside my head what if he follows me all week all year all my life. I am shivering my hands are num . It's  getting late and he is still following  my mum will be panicking so much the roof will fall off I need to get home now it's nearly pass my bedtime . I am still running I am going pass Freiburg pool already .I feel dead, wait a minute I turned around I saw the man was asleep I ran then he grabbed me and he announced I can't believe you fall for that . ah  I scream I realize that on his watch it is 10.00 that is when my mum dose a walk around here oh look here she is " hi sweat heart were have you been  and who is your friends he is not my friend I say

 . He has been following me in his little black car all day long I feel dead I can't breath my mouth is dry all because of him why did you do this to me . Speak hello speak now . I turn around and see him running away mum chase after him I feel like I have no legs . Thanks mum . Suddenly mum caught him and came back to me and said excuse me what ever your name is its not okay to chase little girls  especially at  this age you should be acting your age from now on okay now shoe  . Now Kate we have been worried sick come along with me now and let's go home and tuck you in. It all turned out fine my parents wouldn't Let me out of there arm's well it's better then nothing.I am so l
ucky i have so caring parents .Now  i know  if there is a stranger outside come straight in.well I guess I should  get to bed and be ready for a day of kindergarden tomorrow . sweet dreams !  

Monday, 21 September 2015


I have learned from my mistakes and found out that the answers is 28 !!!!
Anyway in maths with Nic  we have been learning about. 
( division ) 

we have been learning all about division with my teacher Nic and room 7 / circus would mix up and have math class with us . For an example of what have been learning 
52 . 3 . 

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Keep New Zealand clean / zero waste

I have done this with a good friend Jayde . Hope you enjoy also here is some posters .

do the right thing 

tissues( not the right thing) cloth
tissues are a waste they go into a landfill and reck nz keep nz beautiful 

nappy ( not the right thing ) 

nappy go into a landfill and reck nz keep nz beautiful use a cloth nappy . cloth nappy  

used paper ( not the right thing ) 

you use some paper then chuck in bin that is wasteing use a laptop ipad iphone whatever 

don't waste !!!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Nic where are you ? 😳

Good morning ! I am so ready for a oradinary day or school . Brushed teeth check , dressed check , bag packed check ready for school , on my way to school nic my teacher was not on road pitroll which is quit odd because it is the day he dose it . anyway it must be a strange day and he didn't feel like it . moving on appeared in class nic was not here maybe he sleeped in . 2 hours later i am shivering nic has not came and every other teacher is here ,i quess  should go next door and learn with room 7 . while reading my favoirite funny book just stupid with room 7 teacher joy somthing strange flew thourgh  the sky it looked like a male human wearing a superman cape . Oh no the buliding went on fire . Ruby has a burnt face and she is struggling to find the exit. Wow that strange thing that flew through the sky earlier came saved ruby from death . I could not tell who he was because he had a mask on . Before Ruby could say thank you he flew of . Suddenly the table was shaking and so was the chairs it's a earthquake shouts the class watch out jayde I say crack !!!! Jayde has disappeared down the hole but again the strange hero pulle out his aquitment he pulled it a rope and handed it to 
jayde, jayde climbed out and the heroes mask fell of it was NIC !!! Nic is our hero ecspesilly my hero he saved my freinds . Ecsuse me one question are you super man ? Yes he replied Ruby and jayde said thanks 

The end Kate . 

toku tinana

in class with lynley we made some toku tinana art and it was amazing.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Keep nz clean

Adding to zero waste There is a secret promise to keep no clean by not putting rubbish in the land fill ( white bin ) 


In maths with Nic this week and last week we have been learning/focusing on division and I am starting to do division more in my math . Next week we will swop with joy and Different math . This is my division group . 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Kate's wearable arts journey

If you like dancing come along 
We have worked really hard on this and we have made this slide to share it with the world our costume ideas and everything. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015


in reading inquiry Probably the post above or down low there is a slide and that is  my reading inquiry 
anyway back to what i have done focusing on my research from my reading inquiry. i have made a news report with some great  class members emma , halle and charlotte p but as you see above there is a butterfly video this is what i have worked on after the news some have a look your self. 

need to work on : camera angels 

what i have inproved : entertaining  music 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sharing reading inquiry

I shared my reading with Joseph and riya and they learnt a lot from me and I am proud . Hopefully they can research or have a quiz and see if they were listening.
Go to this blog if you want to see some amazing learning .  

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Art reflation

What did I do :   6 different cool ideas from all the teacher 

Why did I do it : to learn some new costume ( wearable art) ideas . 

What did I learn : costume ideas 

What should i do next : creat my costume( wearable art) and make it creative . 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Mystery tube With dream team / Kelly's class

What do think is inside or made of ? 

For more awesome work go to

In my group I had : charlotte p , renae , Ryan, Michael, gg or Gabriel and Akshay. 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Thursday 25th of June 

I am watching the news on my TV their is flood all around I am   hopping it will not happen to me and my family well I slip on my pj and brush my teeth jump into bed and I dream about me having to evacuate the building.  
I am relaxing myself but soon to hear I am Woken , then I struggle to find the nearest emergency exit I feel  like I am in manawatu river swimming trying to find my way to sand dunes . But finally I find my way to my bed side window before I crawl out I grab the important stuff (  eg beanie , books , glasses , school bag , lunch box,  book bag and pillow pet / toys ( that helps me sleep) . 
Finally splashing through the window waterfall down to the back yard  next to the bike shed  oh my gosh waiting for family members.   "Hurry up " say inside my head . Oh I forgot to turn of my TV what I can that the people that evaluated can not return home tonight .  Oh no , I can't return home well after that I spent my time at uncle Russell's and joes house and they return me and my family home at 1:00 pm and it turned out fine .

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


“Matariki Sample”
Purpose: To share our learning about Matariki; what is it? And how we can celebrate Matariki in our own way?
WALA: Matariki

Retell the story of Matariki like a play 
Write a story about Matariki
Make a model about Matariki
Create a piece of art about Matariki
Learn and sing songs.
Create a movie about Matariki to share (it could be a legend or about Matariki)
Create a facts Kahoot about Matariki
Create a TV commercial advertising Matariki
Create a debate about this statement: “Matariki Day should be a National Holiday”

Choose one of the above activities
Ask yourself: Will it suit my buddy? Is it appropriate for the amount of people in my group?
Research some facts about Matariki: What, When, Where, Why, How, Who?
What resources do you need?
Prepare the things you need for Friday morning for buddy time
On Friday you will have from 9:30 - 11am to complete it with your buddy
The following week you will have more time to edit / practise / put on the final touches 
Be prepared to share with the whole-school on Thursday Matariki Day
Phoebe, Freya, Ruby & Kalia (Rm 3)
Annaliese, Noah, Mason & Troy (Rm 4)
Toby, Lenni, Ryder, Jack (Breakout rm 4/5)
Hannah,Abby, Manaia, Addisyn (Rm 6)
Samantha, Halle, Aroha, Layla (Rm 6)
Azahra, Cohen, Luca, Mac 
Emily, Renae, Emma, Max, Samuel (Rm6)
Emily S, Charlotte, Liwan, Porsha (Rm4)
Angus, Mason, Kairo, Benji, James (Rm 3)
Richard, Shrawan, Max, Shaun, Jackson (Staffroom)
Bella, Jayde, Miracle, .. (Rm4). 
Billy, Gordon, Jayden (Rm 3 office)
Kate, Tahu, Braydon (Sick bay)

What do you enjoy the most and why? Learning about the Maori new year well it's what schools about . 

What challenged you the most and why?to find information because their were mostly images.  

What do you need to get better at and why? A clear voice 
Because I was a bit rusty . 

How can adults help you with this goal? Parents helping at home . 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Kakahu Maori cloaks

Walt show excellence , creative and agency . 

In Kelly's class/ dream team we have been learning how to make a Kakahu / Maori clocks 
And finally we have a finshing pice have a look . 

Math sample

count on from the biggest number when adding two numbers together (e.g. 3+8 as 8, 9, 10, 11).
explore the different ways to manipulate numbers when adding 2 digits (e.g. 18+18+18 as 20+20+20=60-6).
explore the different ways to manipulate numbers when adding and subtracting 2 digits (e.g. 71-48 as 73-50).
explore decimal place value (e.g. how many 10ths, 100ths and 1000ths in a whole number).

Choose your maths goal so far from this term
Use the Showme app to “show” how you can solve the maths problem
Can you solve the problem using a different strategy?
Speak clearly into your ipad - keep your ipad still
Get a buddy to view it
Save Showme as: ‘Your Name’ Term 2 Maths Sample
Get an adult to check it.
Copy embed code, paste into the HTML section on your blog.

Copy and paste title, purpose, task
What is your maths stage?
Put a target on your stage for this term:  πŸ’ͺ

What do you enjoy in maths and why? Learning new ways to work out  the  problem Because    You need to know math      

What challenges you the most and why? Thinking of new ways to work out the problem
because it's hard to just think it up like a basic fact .  

What do you need to get better at in maths and why? 18+18+18 as 20+20+20 because that's my goal . 

How can adults help you with this goal? By sharing there different ways to solve the problem . 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Writing sample

" writing sample "         Thursday, 4 June 2015

Skeleton writing 
Purpose: To share our writing goals with our parents and evaluate how well we did so we can improve. Our parents can then help us at home.
Choose your favourite story so far from this term
Reread to make sure it makes sense, does it match my walt?
Do some more writing to finish (3 paragraphs minimum)
Fix up spelling, paragraphs, capital letters so that it’s ready for a reader
Get a buddy to read it
Publish writing (do a good copy of it)
Get an adult to check it.
Put it on your blog

Copy and paste title, purpose, task
What is your writing goal?
Put a target on your goal for this term:  πŸ’ͺ

Generating Ideas
thinking, planning, brainstorming, building πŸ’ͺ

Organising Ideas
thinking, mapping, sifting, sorting, re-wording 

adding detail, language features, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, both technical and precise.

simple, short, long, complex, compound, variety, connectives, adverbial, adjectival. 

reading, re-reading, re-crafting, adding punctuation, adding, taking away, seeking feedback.

Why is it your favourite sentence? Because it's juicy and tells lots of information 
( here is my favourite sentence ) My favourite sentence 

OH i hate being treated  like rubbish , and getting dumped into a rubbish can with doggy doos out on the street smelling like rotten bananas .

What challenged you the most and why? Making sense in my stories because people could'nt understand . 

What do you need to get better at in your writing and why? Makeimg simple short long complex compound variety connecyptives adverbial adjectapivail because that is my goal . 

How can adults help you with this goal? By sharing our writing and fixing up our stories because we need it compete . 

skeleton writing 
My favourite story through term two   
OH i hate being treated  like rubbish , and getting dumped into a rubbish   can with doggy doos out on the street smelling like rotten bananas. I 
always get left out when people are eating my food and I have to eat my own skin that how I am now ugly. Do humans even know what it feels like?  What if humans were me? Would you like being treated  like this? Ow ow ow I am trying to tell a story here dogs,  go away, I mean not you audience, I meant the dogs. Wait come back, please " fine ". I wish I could hear more respect, I really don't get enough respect. I only get respect from my family no one else. How come I am the only skeleton that gets treated like this? All I want is a nice home with caring people around , best friends and last, clothes , please it's all I want please. I always feel left out, start feeling a little respected and respect that I am here and I used to be a human and I still am, but a bit bonier so respect me. After that I fit in and enjoy my life with the humans. Today at 2:30  I brought a sweeter with some nice shiny shoes and a stripy flash tie. Now I feel apart of the family. I will never be left out again. I love being a skeleton now it's awesome. 

By Kate 


Monday, 18 May 2015

Asmebly sample

“6smallbubbles’ Assembly”
Purpose: To reflect on our assembly organisation and evaluate your contribution and participation.
WALT: Entertain and Inform (Assembly)
Choose a learning area you would like to share 
Prepare a script to inform your audience with details about “what we have been learning”
Prepare an item to showcase our learning
Create a slide that compliments your script and performance

What was your highlight and why? 
Dancing and singing to singing in the rain with my little buddy because the audience loved the performance and laughed  that gave me glee. 

What challenged you the most and why? 
Singing in front of the whole school becauseI was scared that I was bad singer .  

Which value or Key Competency did you find the easiest?  Why? 
managing-self, because I was listening and making sure I followed instructions . 
striving for excellence, 
participating & contributing or 
leadership & initiative

Which value or Key Competency you did find the hardest?  Why? 
striving for excellence, 
participating & contributing or 
leadership & initiative because it was hard to control buddy's 

I think I did well because I sang loud and proud .  

Monday, 27 April 2015

The Anzacs

The Anzacs 

Have you every heard how Anzac Day was created.

Long long long ago New Zealanders and Astrilans 

Fight in war . Lots and lots of soldiers get killed in

War by booms and guns . We are lucky that 

New Zealanders stood up to support 

New Zealand . I use to be in war . 

It was the most terrifying place 

I have ever gone to. Now 
We have dawn parades to

Say thank you to the 

Sodiders that died in war that 
Supported our country 

Th death of soldiers 

Was hard to see them pass away 

I was about to give a pain 

To my enemy when 
 I heard pwpwpwpwpwpwp 

A life of a solider gone . 

The blood on 

 The soldiers body drips 

Like jam on a pice of toast 

The war is horible .


Your sincerely  Kate . 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


I think I did wel on he shapes . 
Next time I good do better with coulering . 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


I was working wih my good friend Charlotte and I was working on my rounding numbers . I helped Charlotte with her division for her goal . If you want to go to charlottes blog search Charrlottelearningspace

Sunday, 22 March 2015


I think I did getting the picture it to the readers head. I think I need to work on using my whole body for actions . πŸ˜„


We have watched videos of people stuck so we made stuck posters

Sunday, 8 March 2015


By Kate meyer

Helpful woman 
 Helpful woman will be there all you need to do is ring the bell ding dong and she will help you out . 
She can clean your room in tens seconds dosen't matter how messy it is . 
Helpful woman's eyes has bleary been seen shut . 
Helpful woman has hardly anything to help people . 
Her shoes are vacrome cleaners that can suck up every little thing. 
Helpful woman dosen't just help humans she helps everyone around . 
When no humans need her help she goes to care for anamials in the forest .
Helpful woman dosen't just help people who are stuck in mud she helps people who are making the wrong choice . Kate 


Thursday, 5 March 2015

My buddy test

This my spelling test and my learning parter ticked and doted my pice of paper 
These words above this writing are the words I got wrong so my parents are going to be helping me with these words 


Please add this criteria:
WALT Inform (entertaining and persuading our audience to visit our blog)

- welcome to our blog!
- show pictures of some of your learning (butterflies etc.)
- who are you friends?
- things you like (paper planes!)
- places 
 I think I did well on explaining what I am working on in swimming . 
I think I need to improve on making the start entaining 

Thursday, 26 February 2015



This is my Tagul I love to learn so I made a learning Tagul 
If you want to make a Tagul search and you can create your own tagul

welcome to my blog

WALT Inform (entertaining and persuading our audience to visit our blog)

- welcome to our blog!
- show pictures of some of your learning (butterflies etc.)
- who are you friends?
- things you like (paper planes!)
- places we like to play
- 45seconds
- I think I did a entaining start  
- next time I could inprove on my carma Angels 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Just doomed πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

You are diveing into the pool splash in and relase that there is no water in the pool just chese you know you're doomed 
You are late for a photograph and someone push's you to the front and you are naked and the picture gets taken and goes all over the internet you know your doomed
You walk on stage and its your first time wearing high heels and trip up and land face first someone in the crowed eating chips you know Your doomed 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Stages test for knowledge

This is my stage five test . My parents are going to help me with my maths so I can inprove from this level . I think Nic is going to be help me so wel, I might get to the national standard. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

The learning pit

* What is the learning pit ? The learning pit is a pit where you challenge yourself and learn new things 
If you are doing something you all ready know how to do you are not learning you are not on the learning pit 
* what was the most challenging time ? My most challenging time was when I had to rembering 10 items without looking at them 

* what is my goal ? My goal is to get above the national standard 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Two stars and a wishπŸ’


* I would like to improve writing because I don't have much juicy words.
* i think I was good at my butterfly

* I think  swimming because my kicking is on top of the water

Two stars and a wish


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Butterfly art

I this is my butterfly 

WALA Symmetry

To be successful we needed to make sure 
- the patterns and colours were the same on each side,
- there were no 'mosquito holes' in the colour,
- we used black pastel to finish off the outline (to make it go POP!)

How did I go?  I think I went really well 
- The best part was... When I could see my butterfly up on the window
- I need to improve on  My timing to get the butterfly finished 
- next time I will put more work into it

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Six small bubbles

I am Kate and I am  in a bubble . I am in a bubble because we are six small bubbles. What would your reaction be if you were stuck in a bubble . I would like to be in a bubble because it would be like I'm flying

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Global school play day

YOn the 4th of feb was Global school play day . Global school play is all about play. 

- In quich I was keeper.
- I built a house out of  iamajtions
- learning new games    
- drawing pictures


- Global Shcool play day went to fast  

People don't get bored         

- People never stopped playing games 
- nobody got bored